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Brokeback Mountain Slash Links

Brokeback Mountain Slash Fiction Links
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BBM Slash Links

* This community is here to provide links to ***LOST*** BBM stories. As our communtiy ages, many of the earlier fics are being purged or deleted or just plain forgotten. If you are looking for a fic, or can't remember the name of a fic, post a note here. If you have a fic you would like to share, you may post links to that story here.

* this community is moderated and friends-locked - you must join if you want to be able to see the entries

* use sites like yousendit.com or megaupload.com if you wish to share your files.

* comment when you download a file, especially if it's not a YSI or MU link, so the owner of the webspace knows how many people are actually taking their stuff

* credit where credit is due - as long as you know who made/originally provided the file you're sharing

* do not share links outside of this community unless the person who provided them given permission for them to be shared.

* The main focus here is for the sharing of story links, but civil conversation about the stories posted here is ok too.